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Rental Services in Sudbury and Northern Ontario

When it comes to crane rentals in Sudbury, North Bay  and  the surrounding areas, we have been providing our services for the past 25 years. At Northern Equipment & Crane Rentals, our professional staff is here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Northern Ontario. Have any questions? Among the equipment we have in our inventory includes:

Boom Trucks

26 Ton Boom Truck
30 Ton Boom Truck
26 Ton Boom Truck c/w Flat Bed Trailer
28 Ton Boom Truck

All-Terrain Cranes

80 Ton Crane
165 Ton Crane
175 Ton Crane
275 Ton
350 Ton Crane

Truck Mount Cranes

40 Ton Crane
45 Ton Crane
50 Ton Crane
60 Ton Crane
80 Ton Crane
90 Ton Crane
110 Ton
120 Ton

Rigging equipment for sale or rent

Painting and Sandblasting Services onsite 

Equipment Repairs and Maintenance in our licensed shop


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Cranes for Rent: Learn More

Want to learn more about the cranes available for rent from Northern Equipment & Crane Rentals? Check out the table on this page for in-depth information about some of the cranes we have available. Please note that we have several of the units on this page available locally for rent, but are not limited to the list as our fleet is always changing in order to better serve our customers. We also have plenty of attachments and accessories for cranes including concrete buckets, manbaskets, lifting beams, tractors and floats. Have questions?

Call us toll free at 1-800-265-5481.

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LTM1130- 5.1

155 US ton


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More Equipment Specs and Charts

For more information about the different types of cranes and boom trucks available, check out these manufacturer brochures.

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