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Safety-First Crane Rentals in Sudbury and Northern Ontario: Learn More

Northern Equipment & Crane Rentals holds as a core value the importance of achieving zero harm to people and the environment. It is our responsibility to protect our employees from occupational diseases and injury as well as prevent any negative impact on the environment. We endorse principles of the Internal Responsibility System, which means that we hold every employee and contractor in Sudbury and Northern Ontario accountable for the application of safe and responsible work practices. We strive for a strong safety culture enabling our overall work culture to be accepted and highly regarded within our industry.

In order to achieve our vision of zero harm, we commit to:

  • Taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of our workers,
  • Engaging our employees and other stakeholders, in communication that supports continual improvement of our health, safety and environmental performance,
  • Planning, managing, conducting and supervising all our work in compliance with legislation, regulations and best practices,
  • Preventing pollution impacts to the environment through emissions controls and recycling,
  • Providing employees with effective training specific to their work tasks, and their health and safety,
  • Revising this policy statement as required and at least annually.

Every effort will be made to provide the essentials to each employee of Northern Equipment & Crane Rentals in order to achieve what we set forth in our policy statement.

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